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Dr Adrián Gómez Suárez

Organic Chemistry
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Gaußstr. 20
42119 Wuppertal

Office: Building V, room 10.019

Tel.: +49 (0)202 439 2775  
Fax: +49 (0)202 439 2648


NEWS – 2020

11/12/20 – Adrián gets an award!

Adrián has been recognised as one of the Thieme Journal Awardees 2021! This a testament to the hard work carried out by the current and former group members. Thank you!!

06/11/20 – Our first prepint!

Our work on the "synthesis of γ-oxo-α-amino acids via radical acylation with carboxylic Acids" has been uploaded to ChemRxiv

You can find the manuscript and supporting information here. Let us know if you have any comments!

26/08/20 – Minieview accepted!

Our minireview on the "Radical-Based Synthesis and Modification of Amino Acids" has been accepted for publication by Angew. Chem. and it is now online! Well done Fran, Kay and Khadijah!

You can read it here. Enjoy!

18/08/20 – Our work has been highlghted!

Our work on the synthesis of amino acid derivatives using radical decarboxylative strategies has been highlighted by Synfacts and included in the section "Highlights from the literature" from Organic Process Research & Development. Congrats to the team!

Synfact Highlight

OPR&D – Highlights from the literature

10/08/20 – Khadijah joins the team!

Khadijah comes from Scotland and studied chemistry at the University of Strathclyde. She joins the group as part of the DFG grant to work on the synthesis and modification of amino acids using radical chemistry. Welcome!

25/05/20 – First invited talk!

Adrián delivered his first invited talk at Saarland University! Due to the current situation, it was changed to an online talk...which was a fun experience!

28/04/20 – TEDA2+· minireview online!

Our minireview entitled "Selectfluor® Radical Dication (TEDA2+·) – A Versatile Species in Modern Synthetic Organic Chemistry" is now online. Enjoy! For more details click here.

06/04/20 – Second paper accepted!

Kay, Fran & Jonas' work on the developement of decarboxylative methodologies for the synthesis of unnatural amino acid derivatives has been accepted for publication in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis! Congrats everyone!
For more details click here.

01/03/20 – DFG project funded!

The group has been granted funding from the DFG to continue our research into the synthesis and derivatisation of amino acids using radical chemistry!

NEWS – 2019

02/12/19 – Fran & Adrián attend the Regionalen FCI–Stipendiatentreffen 2019

Fran presented a poster on his formal radical deoxyfluorination methodology and Adrián gave a talk on the groups efforts towards the development of novel radical deoxyfunctionalsation strategies.

13/11/19 – Dennis gets a prize!

Dennis receives a prize for the best Bachelor thesis from the regional branch of the GDCh for his work on the catalyst-free acylation of tetrasubstituted alkenes. Congrats Dennis!!!

25/09/19 – First scientific talk!

Adrián presented for the first time the group's progress towards radical deoxyfunctionalisation methodologies at the "28th Symposium on Bioorganic Chemistry for junior research group leaders" in Essen.

16/09/19 – Jonas joins the team!

During his Bachelor thesis Jonas will investigate the synthesis of amino acid derivatives using radical chemistry. Welcome to the team!

27/08/19 – First paper published!

The first manuscript from the Gómez-Suárez lab is finally online! Congrats to Fran, Freddy, Marcel & Yase for their hard work!

You can find our work on the light-mediated formal deoxyfluorination of tertiary alcohols here. Enjoy!

01/04/19 – We keep growing!

Dennis will carry out his Bachelor's thesis in the group. For the next 3 months he'll get to play around with some cool LEDs lamps and, hopefully, also do some chemistry!

01/03/19 – The second PhD student starts!

Kay comes from Germany and studied chemistry in Düsseldorf and Cologne before joining us. Welcome!

01/01/2019 – The first PhD student starts!

Welcome Fran! He comes from Jaén (Spain) and is having quite a shock trying to adapt to the cold German winter!

NEWS – 2018

09/04/18 – The first student starts!

Lukas Heemann joins the lab for 2 weeks and then he'll stay for his Bachelor's thesis. Welcome Lukas!

01/2018 – Adrián was awarded the Liebig Fellowship

Adrián gets the Liebig Fellowship from the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie to establish a research group starting in March 2018. For more info check the press release on the uni website!

01/2018 - Adrián starts as a Junior Group Leader at BUW

We are finally open for business! Exciting times ahead of us!